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Study Skills Game Kit with CD

Study Skills Game Kit with CD

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Study Skills Fun Game Kit & CD brings a new dimension to this important topic. Through the use of activity-oriented games, students will see the importance of good listening habits, organizational skills, positive work habits, and goal-setting. As students become involved in these motivating activities, they are acquiring the study skills necessary for academic improvement.

Catchy titles like Beach Party Cookout, Balloon Landing and Dodge City immediately capture the students' curiosity. Students may be involved in a listening action story, putting together a hamburger, bopping with a sponge bat, racing, using balloons, blowing feathers or working as teams to challenge their classmates. The activities included in the game kit are fun. But more importantly, are ways of teaching sound study skills.

This game kit includes 95 classroom or small-group activities that promote positive study habits. It includes a manual with complete directions for each activity as well as a CD with PDF files for the reproducible activity sheets and game cards.