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The Horse Who Lost Her Herd

The Horse Who Lost Her Herd

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Research tells us many common psychological problems can be prevented if children are taught specific emotional, social and behavioral skills when they are young. In each book in this series, an animal learns a new skill to overcome his or her problem. Each book also comes with a stuffed animal representing the story's central character and suggestions on play therapy techniques that can reinforce the message of the story.

Hannah was a spirited young horse who loved to play games with her friends. She was a natural leader, and everyone followed Hannah as she jumped and frolicked and galloped across the hills. But one day another horse wanted a turn as the leader, and Hannah wasn’t happy at all. She decided that she would just play by herself, but she soon found out that this was a very lonely choice. Fortunately, Hannah encountered a wise owl who explained that in order to keep her friends, she had to take turns being the leader. Soon Hannah was back with the herd, happily running and playing as young horses are meant to do.

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