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The I Hate Wendy Club

The I Hate Wendy Club

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Relational Aggression (RA) is brutal, cruel, mean, and is running rampant in today’s schools!

More and more frequently it rears its ugly head in younger and younger children. The I Hate Wendy Club was written for these younger children with the hope that if enough younger children realize what RA is and the damage it can do, they will avoid the trap that has caught older children for many years.

The program includes:

  • The I Hate Wendy Club story- a true story based on an incident from the author’s life. The book’s pages include brief, easy-to-read text and large illustrations the children may color if the story is reproduced.
  • 5 supplementary lessons that emphasize the importance of welcoming new students, realizing that each friend brings positive assets to a group and the damage gossiping and exclusion can cause.
  • 28 reproducible supplementary activity pages that allow students to review story concepts and lessons in a variety of ways, including many that complement curriculum subjects.

Educate your younger students now with the goal of eliminating this destructive behavior in our children!