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The Nature Of Study Skills

The Nature Of Study Skills

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Teach good study habits to students with this all-school study skills program!

Each year students receive a six-lesson program that focuses on previously learned study skills and teaches new developmentally appropriate study-skills strategies. Each grade level relates an animal’s behavior to the study skills they need to develop in order to succeed in school. Each animal is named for a well-known historical figure whose success relates to the study skills being taught. The four manuals included in the set are:

  • Quiet - Earhart Owl – Kindergarten: Emphasizes listening, paying attention, working quietly, and completing work
  • Paying Attention - P. Revere Penguin – Grade 1: Emphasizes working quietly, staying on task, trying, listening
  • GWC - Checking Chipmunk – Grade 2: Emphasizes goal setting, setting priorities, checking work, and asking questions
  • Hard-Working - Helen K. Honeybee – Grade 3: Emphasizes completing tasks on time, following directions, paying attention, and doing one’s best.

The set also includes a set of two audio CDs of the stories.