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Tools At Work! Storybook with CD

Tools At Work! Storybook with CD

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When you get older, what work will you do? What job will you have? Do you have a clue?

This creative book teaches young children about different careers and the importance of using the right tool for the job. Each profession is depicted on two pages. The first page gives clues as to the tool required:

“A scientist uses me to look really close at things that are tiny, seldom seen by most. Look through my lens and inside there dwells a world of atoms, molecules, and cells.”

Then the page is turned to reveal the answer:

“I am a … Microscope!”

As children read or hear the story, they learn about the tools used for different jobs including a Chef, Pilot, Firefighter, Soldier, Farmer, and Dancer. They also learn that their most important tool is their brain. The story concludes by telling children of the importance of working hard and doing their best in order to achieve their goals.