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Transferable Teamwork Skills DVD

Transferable Teamwork Skills DVD

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This video is part of the Transferable Skills 5-part DVD set.

In today’s working world, teamwork is emerging as one of the most important skills for success. Business teams pursue group goals using workers from around the globe. And managers want workers who can fit in, do their job, and contribute to team efforts. In our personal lives, we learn how to make the commitment to team goals, whether through family commitments, playing sports, in school or other hobbies. All of these skills already developed are valuable in the workplace. Sharing goals, communicating with others, being dependable, and good listening skills are all important to the success of a team. This DVD also covers office etiquette and how to fit in as part of the team following basic guidelines in the workplace, such as avoiding gossip, being respectful and dressing appropriately.

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