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Why Would Someone Want to Die?

Why Would Someone Want to Die?

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But why?

Is it my fault?

Suicide is hard for many adults to understand and extremely difficult to explain to children. 

The first process of healing from the loss of a loved one is to begin to understand and discuss the hurtful feelings that follow. Why Would Someone Want to Die equips you with the tools necessary to help explain suicide openly and honestly to children and open the lines of communication between you and a grieving child. You'll also learn several techniques that will help you guide your child to positively cope with the loss as well as the personal guilt associated with the suicide of a loved one.


  • Colorfully Illustrated Storybook
  • Parental Permission Form
  • Counseling Activities
  • Special Section for Parents
  • How to Prepare a Child for Attending a Funeral Service
  • Parent and Child Personal Resource Questionnaire
  • Child Grief-Reaction Chart
  • Resource List for Parents and Teachers